Return to work after a pandemic – how your dog feels?

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Many individuals have been working from home with their dogs by their sides for the last few years, but it’s time to return to work and restore order back in the workplace. With you now gone, what is your pet feeling? 

These animals aren’t as accustomed to staying at home alone as they formerly were. Some younger puppies may have never spent the entire day alone at home. Ask yourself, is your dog prepared to return to “regular” life? 


What Should You Do to Prepare Your Dog For Your Return to Work?

So, first things first: Get ready. Don’t immediately return to work without assisting your dog or new puppy with the adjustment. From the dog’s perspective, it’s similar to spending almost all of your waking hours with your closest buddy and then having them get up and leave you by yourself.

Your canine friend will need assistance adjusting to the new schedule. Dogs that have been around long enough to witness your departure for work on the majority of days before the outbreak may just require a few days to acclimate. 

Puppies will require a bit more time since they are accustomed to living in an environment where you could play with them almost at any moment. It’s best to start adapting to their “new” schedule as soon as possible.


Necessities and Ease of Access

Remember that with you being permanently at home, your pet has had free reign of the house both inside and out. They could enter and exit at will, which may no longer be the case. If you are going to be leaving them outside all day, make sure that they have adequate food, water, bedding, and toys. 

If you choose to keep them inside, as many pet owners do, consider installing SmartSlydr smart pet door and window openers. These easy-to-install sliding door automation devices work through a convenient mobile app and you can pair them with either the OneButton or PetPass devices.

The PetPass Automatic option will open your door automatically for a set duration of time whenever your pet is within range so that they can go and come as they please. The Send Request Mode sends a notification to your mobile device when your pet is in range and then you can choose to open the door through the mobile app.


Remember Playtime

It’s important that your pet receives adequate playtime with and without you. They will be used to being able to run around the garden when they choose or come inside for a lay down out of the cold or hot weather. SmartSlydr devices can also solve this problem for you.

What the SmartSlydr sliding door automation system cannot do for you is love your pets. Although going back to the office is both time-consuming and stressful. Remember to dedicate some time in your new busy schedule to play with and love your pet. This will lower their stress levels and help them adjust to their new routine in an empty household.


January 24, 2023