Our first fur baby, Rhea

I was in college studying communications with a concentration in journalism. I was tasked with making a photo story for one of my class assignments. I don’t know if it was my idea or the teachers, but my assignment was to spend a day at my local humane society and give an account through pictures of what a day was like volunteering at the shelter. I remember going through the cat room cleaning cages and filling bowls like another day. I happened upon a little orange kitty that was purring before I even opened the cage door. The moment I opened the door, she jumped up on my shoulders, and I was in love. My husband, who I had just moved in with the month prior, came to pick me up from my day of volunteering. When he walked in I announced that we were adopting a kitty. He knew that there was no arguing with me on the topic, but once he met her he agreed that she was to be our baby forever. That was the day we adopted our first fur baby, Rhea.

October 18, 2016