Buddha Bear

Luna came to us during a stage of grief. We had just lost one of our fur babies and we found our selves at the local animal shelter. They were over crowded due to a large amount of kittens that had come in their doors. We were looking through all the kennels petting and loving all the sweet kitties there. We came upon a cage in the corner of the room with a tiny tortoise color kitten hiding behind her food bowl. The thing was, you could almost overlook her among the vast amount of playful kittens there if it was not for her piercing green eyes. I picked her up and knew that she was going to be our new baby. The card on her kennel said that she was only 3 months old and had been found as a stray. Per the shelters request, we took her to our vet the very next day and the vet laughed when we told her what her stats were. Apparently this was a full grown cat but what we had on our hands was a midget kitty. It took Luna awhile to warm up to everyone in the house, but in the end, she loves to get belly scratches, and you better not be late feeding her. Thus her nickname, Buddha.

October 18, 2016