6 Tips for Great Photographs of Your Dog

Guest Post By: Terri Jankelow of Terri J Photography 

September 7, 2018

Here are some wonderful tips from a professional pet photographer for capturing amazing images of your furry friends!

  1. To achieve those lovely blurry backgrounds, place your dog at a distance from the background – the further away from the background you are, the more blurred it will be and the subject of your photo – the dog – will stand out!

     2. If the photo is of the dog looking away, make sure to leave some room in front of the dog, towards where the dog is looking.  This allows us to imagine what the dog may be looking at and creates a stronger, more candid image.

Consider these two examples. In the first one the dog is in the centre of the frame but one can’t imagine what he may be looking at. It almost appears as if there is a wall in front of him.  But if we leave space in front, we can see that the dog is looking off into the distance.

     3. The lovely catch lights in the dog’s eyes make them shine and add life to the image.  If you have your dog facing towards the light you will get images with nice bright catch lights.  For example facing a window or looking in the direction of the sun, even if the dog is in a shaded area. In this image the dog is in the shade of a tree, but facing towards the direction of the sun and his eyes are alive with lovely catch lights.

     4. Photograph your dog on his level, in his world, especially for those little ones!  That means crouching down or even lying on the ground. This will give you the best pictures of their expressions.

5. Patience is important. Don’t forget to give your dog lots of rewards to encourage them to cooperate with you and be motivated. Have treats and toys on hand to animate them and reward them for their efforts.

     6. Many of the best pet portraits show animals doing the things they enjoy most. Catch them playing with a toy or napping in their favorite spot, and you will create wonderful memories that show your pet’s personality.

All photos courtesy of: Terri J Photography


September 7, 2018

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